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The reason why your business is not growing fast enough- You’re too patient

he moment you’re too patient and satisfied with your marketing strategies you will get beaten at your own game by your competition. In marketing, being patient actually means you have decided to remain complacent.

To accomplish your marketing goals, you can’t be patient. Always ask yourself, what else can I do to get better results right away?

By continually pushing forward and using new marketing channels one will eventually start seeing great results.

Yes, of course! There are different types of marketing goals; short-term goals require urgency whereas long-term goals require patience, but we can consider other marketing avenues at the same time.

This is exactly where businesses make mistakes; they experiment a bit and then wait for the result. This strategy might help someone who is new in the business but those who have already been in the business and have started making money need to keep on trying new things.

It’s a necessity to keep on experimenting with as many marketing ideas as you and your team can handle. So, even if you fail at some of them you can always push forward and experiment on new platforms and eventually, you will start getting good results.

Though hiring specialist for specific marketing channels will be great, it’s also important to have a rhythm, so that people can be held accountable for their roles.

Reading books will definitely give you some ideas to manage and run your teams efficiently. There are few books namely, ‘Rocket fuel’ and ‘Traction’ by Gino Wickman is about the concept of integrator and visionary on your team, that will help in holding people accountable, solving things and skyrocketing your business.

A tool ‘15Five’ checks-in with your team on a weekly basis and helps you to manage and control the way things are going in the company.

There is another way of doing this i.e. by eliminating the tools. Holding meetings twice or thrice a week will help you to have a good hold on your marketing strategies. For instance: Monday, Wednesday and Friday meetings with progressive goals for each meeting.

You can also reward your team with a small bonus whenever you get good results so that your team is always motivated and happy.

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